There’s a love that only you can give, a smile that only your lips can show, a twinkle that can only be seen in your eyes and my life that only you can complete.

love yuu syg ! one i eva had. (:

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Monday, May 14, 2012

1. Name one person who made you laugh last nite??
my love one, hirwan shah.

2. What were u doing 1 hour ago?
read magazine 'UJANG' !

3. What was da last thing u said out loud?

4. Where's da next place you're going to?
UK 'maybe' (:

5. What was da last thing u paid for?
my top up .

6. Where were u last nite?
at my lovely room .

7.What da besh ice cream flavour?
strawberry  n vanilla !

8. Do u wanna cut your hair?
i dont think so ! i may think for a thousand times !

9. Do u love to 'melatah'?
10. If dat so ( melatah), what will u said out loud?

11. What does da last text-msg received say?
" ujn lebat x cyg ? wat pa 2 ? "

12. Will u get married in da future?
absolutely yes ! ... insyaAllah

13. Is there anyone u like/love rite now?
yeah ! i do love you syg !

p. s : its been so long time not be tagged by someone. thanks ya  !

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